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March 23, 2015

Our paper on load balancing has been accepted to ICDCS'15!

March 2, 2015

Our project on Distributed Voting in Large Networks granted by FWF


Our research group focuses on different algorithmic aspects of parallel and distributed computing. Parallel and distributed algorithms are used to solve large, computationally intensive problems in science and engineering. We work on the inteface between discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, and parallel aspects of computing. We combine various techniques from these fields to design efficient solutions for problems such as information dissemination, distributed communication, network exploration, load balancing, and graph models for large real world networks.
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In teaching, we cover the basic course for algorithms and data structures for 1st year students, as well as more advanced courses on algorithms for 3rd year bachelor and master students. In addition, we run basic courses in theoretical computer science. We also offer a number of seminars and projects related to parallel and distributed algorithms.
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Interesting Articles

In the following we list several interesting articles that we consider worth reading. Some of these articles may also be published in popular scientific journals. Nevertheless, they give a good overview of our area of research and also highlight the implications and practical applications of theoretical results.
Katharina Anna Zweig
Von der theoretischen Informatik zur Sozioinformatik – und zurück
Informatik Spektrum, February 2015, Volume 38, Issue 1, pages 28–30
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